Metro de Lima: Line 1 Extension Nearing Completion

Metro de Lima: Line 1 Extension Nearing Completion

The section 2 extension of Line 1 of the Lima Metro system, running from Grau station in the center to San Juan de Lurigancho, will be complete by 30 April, according to Ricardo Cebrecos, Institutional Relations manager of the Metro de Lima company.

The second stretch of the metro has a total length of 12.4 kilometers and is 98% complete, Metro de Lima have reported.

“We are in a period of electromechanical testing, testing trains to ensure they run correctly and we are finalizing the civil works for the additional ten stations”, Mr. Cebrecos reported on behalf of Metro Lima, which is a consortium formed of Grana y Montero and Odebrecht.

The testing will also ensure the safe operation of onboard technology, the operation of escalators, elevators, fire extinguishers and will be completed on 15 April.

The completion of the metro in May this year will mean passengers will be able to travel from Los Jardines in San Juan de Lurigancho to El Ángel station in less time to 10 minutes. The Avenida Grau to San Juan de Lurigancho section will take 18 minutes, with a projected benefit to 1.99 million inhabitants of Peru’s capital.

Once the entirety of Line 1 is in operation the 33.96km journey from Villa El Salvador to San Juan de Lurigancho will take around 50 minutes, which is significantly faster than the three hours the route once took.

“This will have a significant impact on improving the quality of life of individuals, because the time it will save will allow them to be with their family, undertake studies and other hobbies” Ricardo Cebrecos explained.

It was also announced this month that testing the phase for the integration of the new and existing stretches of Line 1 will begin shortly, with Line 1 integration and full completion scheduled for September this year.