Conference Report: Frauscher Technology Day 2014

Conference Report: Frauscher Technology Day 2014

Metro Americas were delighted to be invited to attend the inaugural Frauscher Technology Day, held Brazil’s technology capital São Carlos last week. All of the major Brazilian rail operators, including MRS Logística, Transnordestina, América Latina Logística (ALL) and Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM), were well represented at the event, which was chaired by president of the Brazilian Railway Industry Association (ABIFER), Vicente Abate.

The conference was opened by the General Director of Frauscher in Latin America, Maicon Ferrari, and Frauscher global CEO, Michael Thiel, who welcomed rail operators, technology suppliers and leading industry professionals from across Brazil and Latin America.

In his opening speech Frauscher CEO, Michael Thiel, thanked the participants about their great interest on the event: “We are happy that so many experts of the rail industry followed our invitation to the first Technology Day in Brazil. Apart from interesting lectures you can also see products and systems of different producers live at the exhibition. Take the chance to exchange information and experience with other specialists and the possibility of networking.”

Maicon Ferrari, then explained how Frauscher currently work on projects in all 5 continents and in 70 countries world wide. He also stressed that the company is a market leader in the detection of wheel and axle counting technology applied successfully on mainline, metro, industrial and other projects.

He also stressed the importance of working closely with other local operators, such as those in attendance at the inaugural Brazilian conference.

“Frauscher’s team works with operators to understand in detail the installation and to work together with the customer to develop the best solution. We are a global company that customizes solutions to meet all requirements. Meeting local challenges and customer expectations are essential for the perfect design of the project” Maicon explained.

“In Brazil, Frauscher has a significant number of facilities ranging from the VLT Cuiabá, the São Paulo Metro, and the installation of various applications with ALL, the largest rail operator in Brazil. There is an advantage of working with Frauscher, as the company has over thirty years of experience in areas with climatic challenges, flood zones and electromagnetic interference, and in all instances these challenges have been overcome, which means deploying the technology at Brazilian facilities is no problem” Maicon continued.

He explained that the company philosophy means that they are always keen to work closely with the customer. Frauscher Sensor Technology have established their regional office in São Carlos, São Paulo, and from this office they plan projects with clients, coordinate imports, run training programs, and provide assistance in the installation and maintenance of equipment, as well as sharing their experience and providing ongoing support for their clients across Latin America.

Some of the other companies who joined the discussions to share their experiences at the event include:

Level Crossing – Safe and Smart Solutions
Vinicius Monteiro, MPK

One of the biggest issues on safety signalization’s systems of railroads is the assurance of the automation of the all system. With a new concept, MPK Industrial Equipment`s system outperform all demands, even the most critical ones. The newest solution: 3SF – Safe and Signalization Rail System, is a high-
tech railway crossing operating with latest equipment.

For train detection, axles counting, speed calculation, and occupation zone, MPK`s solution uses Frauscher Sensor Technology. This sensor is certificated as SIL4 and it is fixed as a claw to the rail, implicating in a smaller installation time, being reliable and less aggressive.

Combining safety and technology, we developed important features to our automatized crossing system, by this way we yield the all solution, as the digital sounder, a plug and play technology that reduces maintenance time and can be programmed to automatically reduce volume at night.

By our fails return systems we can smartly monitor the all railway crossing`s hardware including traffic lights, digital sounder between others. This system detects errors as led`s failure or malfunction.

The 3SF integrates a SCADA solution (supervisory control and data acquisition) which displays a macro view of, as many as needed, crossings and a close view of each one individually. Some information held by system includes: railroad occupation, train speed, axle count and overall working status (including eventual fails identified by the system). It is also possible to generate reports and schedule precisely necessary maintenance. Each crossing also has its own local supervisory for maintenance propose, accessed through a secure Wi-Fi connection.

MPK ally high technologies, safety and assuredness with responsibility and sustainability in ours solutions.

Smart Green
Marcelo Egawa, Smart Green

Smart Green is a wholly Brazilian company specializing in technological innovations that support the development of smart cities. Based in the city of Curitiba, the company develops projects in that focus on Smart Cities, the energy sector and railways. Smart Green has extensive expertise in remote monitoring solutions, telemetry and automation, through the use of wireless technology. Smart Green looks to set itself apart through its specialized approach, providing customized solutions in accordance with the current needs of customers, providing a true end to end service.

This approach has resulted in the successful completion of a number of key projects. Some of these include the monitoring systems to detect derailment, monitoring of track changes, level-crossing, and asset tracking systems, as well as supporting the integration of hardware and software.

The company has recently established an important partnership with Frauscher, which Mr Egawa was confident would be very valuable moving forward with future projects.

Mr. Egawa assured attendees that, regardless of the size of the project, he is confident that Smart Green can provide vital support.

Signal & System Technik
Bruno Rodrigues de Andrade, SST

SST (Signal & System Technik), a member of the voestalpine Group, is a leading supplier of technology for the monitoring of rolling stock and track systems. The company is present in more than 33 countries, developing various technologies to increase safety and reduce operating costs for rail operators, such as: hot box and hot wheel (Phoenix MB) system which identifies defects in wheels and dynamic train weighing (Atlas FO) and drag detector (DED) systems.

Worldwide, the company acts as a reliable partner in many railway projects and offers individual solutions throughout the development, planning and implementation stages.

The SST system can monitor hot boxes for mixed gauge to measure the temperature of the bearings and wheels of a train passing from the narrow gauge (1,000 mm) or on a broad gauge (1,600 mm). Another solution, the Phoenix MB system, can perform measurements on trains operating from low speeds to 450km/h.

ART – Inovação Tecnológica
Cesar Leandro Prato, ART – Alta Rail Technology

Alta Rail Technology (ART) was created following the merger of three leading railway technology companies, Daiken Railways, Engesis and ALL Rail Tech. Dedicated to railway developments on a global level, ART provides integrated rail solutions that add value in at least one of the following ways: reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving safety. With over 15 years of experience in the rail market, ART solutions are now present in 16 control centers, operating on over 3,000 locomotives in four continents worldwide.

Through advanced and continuous technological develpment, ART have introduced a number of new products. The EOT system developed by ART includes an integrated GPS system, allowing for greater security and productivity, with operators able to monitor train positions and ultimately reduce headways. This combined with a new derailment detection system and signalling switch technology, both based on Cahmeleon architecture developed by ART, means that operators can successfully enhance safety and productivity.