Panama Metro's US$2 Billion Line 2 Project To Be Tendered In January 2015

Panama Metro’s US$2 Billion Line 2 Project To Be Tendered In January 2015

Secretary of Panama Metro Roberto Roy has announced that the tender for Line 2 of the capitals network will open on 30 January with work expected to begin in March, while the countries economics minister Dulcidio de la Guardia has announced the cost is expected to be around US$2 billion.

The tender for design and construction was initially scheduled for 29 December, however, following consultation with potential bidders, the date has been pushed back.

Secretary Roberto Roy explained that bidding for Line 2 is “somewhat complicated” as the winning bidder also has to provide their own financing” and have agreements with in place with banks “to be able to finance the work”.

Line 1 of the Panama Metro was completed in April following 41 months work on the US$2.01 billion project. According to official data the network transports 200,000 passengers per day, with 28 million journeys having been completed since the lines inauguration. The first extension to Line 1 will add 2.2km to the network and should be open in the first few months of 2015.

Despite the overwhelming success of the new metro, there have been public complaints regarding damages which occurred during construction, including to the Transístmica highway. Luis Barria, member of the ruling Partido Panameñista (PPa), affirmed that the new metro was an “emblem for the country”, but did accept that the construction had left the Transístmica “completely destroyed”. The Transístmica is expected to cost US$60 million and Roberto Roy has expressed his regret for the addition cost and disruption.

Line 3 of the project, which will include a bridge across the Panama Canal, is expected to cost between US$2.5 billion and US$3 billion. Panama are currently in talks with Japan over the financing and construction of the 26.5km line, which will have 14 stations.