Metro de Medellin Hope To Become Operator of Bogota's First Metro Line

Metro de Medellin Hope To Become Operator of Bogota’s First Metro Line

Next week, the Metro de Medellin company will sign a contract with the Fiduciaria Agraria, representatives of the Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional, for the structuring of operational costs of the new Bogota Metro project and the companies hopes that they will one day operate the capitals metro network.

The outgoing Director, Ramiro Márquez Ramírez, noted that this agreement signals the intent of the Metro de Medellin to provide assistance with the ambition of one day becoming operator of the capitals new metro system.

He stressed the importance for the of the project, and explained that for Medellin and the country as a whole it is important to have a metro in Bogota and railway systems in Barranquilla and Cali.

Ricardo Alberto Serna, Director of the Associated Business of the Medellin Metro, explained that the current contract will be to calculate the operating costs of the first Bogota Metro lines, using the experience the company has acquired managing the network in Colombia’s second city.

“In short, to estimate the costs of operation and maintenance”, Mr Serna surmised.

He recalled that the full studies delivered a few months ago showed that the project would cost around 15 billion pesos. Ricardo Alberto Serna explained that the contract granted is worth 232 million and the hope is that Metro de Medellin will be able to identify strategies to reduce the operating costs to minimise the tax burden of the project.

“We have the personnel and the experience. We are looking to high a consultant with expertise in railways tunnels. As the first line of the Bogota Metro is underground and our line is not, there are aspects of ventilation that we can not manage in Medellin, but that the underground metro must keep in mind”, Serna explained.

Serna explained that in addition to providing consultancy work and sharing their experience, the Metro de Medellin company aspire to operate the network once it is completed.

“We are waiting for the model to be defined, whether it is a public company, a public private partnership or a concession. Whatever it will be, we wish to operate the Bogota Metro”, he reiterated.