Panama Metro: FCC and Odebrecht Awarded Line 2 Tender

Panama Metro: FCC and Odebrecht Awarded Line 2 Tender

The Panama Metro Line 2 design and construction tender has been awarded to the Spanish-Brazilian consortium, lead by FCC and Noberto Odebrecht, which the Panamanian authorities confirmed had both the higher technical score and financial offer for the project.

The Spanish-Brazilian consortium submitted a financial offer of 1.858 million dollars (1.649 billion euros), which was the lowest of the three participating consortiums and was only slightly above the 1,818 million dollars (about 1,610 million euros) reference price set by the state.

The Line 2 Consortium also received the highest scoring technical proposal, with 396 points. The tender specified the technical proposal would account for 51% of the total score, while financial considerations made up the remaining 49%.

FCC and Odebrecht were the highest scoring in both fields, ahead of one consortium formed of ACS, Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (Mexico) and Grana y Montero (Peru) and a third comprised of Isolux Corsán and Asian China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. and China Railway First Group

In a statement, FCC explained that the award will be finalised on 22 May, when the term of possible appeals by the competing applicants will expire and the process will be finalised by the secretary of the metro.

The contract for the construction of Line 2 consists of the engineering design, construction of civil works, auxiliary facilities and stations, supply and installation of integrated rail systems, including rolling stock and implementation of the service.

The consortium will have a period of 46 months to complete the work, which includes 16 stations and 22 kilometers of track. Line 1, which is 16 kilometers, was built by FCC and Odebrecht at a cost of approximately 2,100 million dollars (1.848 million euros) and went into operation in April last year.