It is often said that things used to be made to last longer. Examples like a Game Boy burned in the Gulf War that still works point to that being true, and another similar case has recently come to light. A Chernobyl computer that had been turned off for 30 years has come back to life.

The computer in question is a clone of the Intel 8086, popular in the Soviet era. These computers, manufactured in the Soviet Union, used a clone of MS-DOS specific to that region. Since very few were made, collecting these machines is quite challenging, which adds even more merit to this story.

The Slovak YouTube channel, Chornobyl Family, dedicated to Soviet electronic devices, has obtained an ES1841, a clone of the Intel 8086, with the mission of showing us what PCs were like during the Chernobyl era. The surprising thing is that, after 40 years since its manufacturing, the computer turns on perfectly.

The video published on the channel showcases the differences between MS-DOS based computers back then and those used in the Soviet regime. It is a small time capsule that takes us 40 years back in time.

This milestone once again demonstrates the durability and quality of technology from the past, and makes us reflect on planned obsolescence and how current products rarely last as long as those of the past.

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