We are currently witnessing an information earthquake. The legal battle between Microsoft and the FTC over the acquisition of Activision Blizzard has required the analysis of documents, emails, and confidential reports from Xbox; a common practice in legal cases. However, a mistake has led to the massive leakage of Microsoft’s growth plans in the gaming sector.

It turns out that it was Microsoft itself who made the error when sharing these files during the litigation. According to Douglas Farrar, a member of the FTC, the responsibility lies not with the entity but with Microsoft. An anonymous source has confirmed this information, pointing out Microsoft as the culprit for accidentally sharing their classified documents on the court’s website.

This leak has caused alarm both among players and competitors, as sensitive data about Xbox’s strategy in the sector has been accessed. Among the revealed plans are the launch of a new model of Xbox Series X, a haptic controller, and a cloud-based “gaming platform”.

This situation has generated numerous news articles in the past hours, showcasing the future plans of the Redmond tech giant. At Xbox offices, they are likely on high alert due to the leakage of confidential information that can affect their strategy in the gaming market.

– The original article is from 3DJuegos.
– Information about Microsoft’s error was confirmed by an anonymous source, according to Bloomberg.