Starfield is an immense game with a story mode of approximately 19 hours, but its content exceeds a hundred hours. It is curious, however, that according to TrueAchievements’ calculations, 25% of Starfield players on Xbox have yet to venture into space.

The game’s first achievement, “For All, Toward the Star Field,” is obtained simply by venturing into space with the ship called Frontier. This ship takes us from Vectera to New Atlantis, where we will encounter members of Constellation. After completing the game’s first mission, which involves defending Vectera from space pirates, we are compelled to venture into space.

Surprisingly, 25% of Xbox players have yet to accomplish this achievement. This could be due to many players using the Game Pass service, which allows them to try out titles and abandon them if they are not satisfied.

It is important to note that this 25% of players does not necessarily imply that they are exploring Vectera. Some players have barely progressed in the main story and have dedicated themselves to exploring the game’s universe. For example, there are players who have spent over 20 hours in the game and have only completed three main missions. However, the Vectera mission can be completed in just half an hour, demonstrating the players’ curiosity to experience the game.

Furthermore, it is debatable whether half an hour is enough to understand what the game offers. But considering that flight and jumps between planets are a central mechanic of the game, it is possible that some players have not been drawn to Starfield’s science fiction aesthetic. Not everyone is fond of the sci-fi theme and they may even overlook its cyberpunk focus.

Lastly, the available time to play also influences the situation. Starfield is perceived as an immense game from the start, so it is possible that many players have started it but have not returned to it due to work or academic responsibilities.

Source: 3DJuegos

– Game Pass: Microsoft subscription service that offers access to various games for a monthly fee.
– TrueAchievements: Xbox and PlayStation achievements and trophies website.