The singer Aitana Ocaña has caused quite a stir on Twitter after sharing a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with her father. In the image, her father can be seen sending her several photos of a pink suit, a white shirt, and a tie of the same color, while commenting that he already has his outfit for Valencia.

Aitana’s father also confesses that he will be using the same suit for every concert, but changing the colors according to the occasion. He also adds some stickers that he would like his daughter to see. With affection and pride, the artist comments, “My father is pure gold.”

However, the details that have caught the attention of Twitter users are not related to the messages themselves. On one hand, it has been discovered that Aitana has 360 unread conversations on WhatsApp, which has surprised many. On the other hand, it is noticeable that she has activated the energy saving option on her phone, even though it is plugged in.

This is not the first time that Aitana has shared a WhatsApp conversation on social media and sparked comments. Two years ago, the singer showed a screenshot in which she shared a photo of her hair after a new hairstyle with a friend. The friend responded with an image of Hermione, the character from Harry Potter, due to the striking similarity between the hairstyles. On that occasion, users also noticed that Aitana had 279 unread conversations on WhatsApp.

In summary, once again Aitana Ocaña has surprised her Twitter followers by sharing a conversation with her father, generating all sorts of comments. The artist has always been very active on social media and shows her closeness with her family through them.

– WhatsApp: an instant messaging application used to send messages, make calls, and share files over the internet.
– Stickers: digital images or illustrations used in messaging applications to express emotions or ideas.
– Hairstyle: the way of arranging or styling one’s hair.

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