AMD, a renowned semiconductor company, has recently introduced a new product called Kria K24 System on Module (SOM) and starter kit. This product is aimed at industrial and commercial applications, enabling developers to easily integrate advanced computing capabilities into their products.

The AMD Kria K24 SOM is designed to power high-performance edge devices with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. It combines AMD’s graphic processing unit (GPU) and central processing unit (CPU) to deliver efficient and powerful computing performance. The SOM comes with pre-installed software, including Linux, drivers, and frameworks, allowing developers to quickly start their projects.

The starter kit includes everything developers need to build and test their applications. It includes the Kria K24 SOM, a carrier board, a power adapter, and accessories. The kit also provides access to AMD’s development tools, software libraries, and support resources.

With the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning, there is a growing demand for efficient and powerful edge computing solutions. The Kria K24 SOM and starter kit aim to meet this demand by providing developers with a scalable platform to develop AI-powered applications for industrial and commercial use.

AMD’s Kria platform offers a variety of solutions for different applications such as robotics, automation, and smart cameras. The modular design of the Kria SOM allows for easy customization and integration into various devices.

In summary, AMD’s Kria K24 SOM and starter kit offer developers a powerful and flexible platform to create AI-enabled edge devices for industrial and commercial applications. With its advanced computing capabilities and user-friendly software, the Kria platform is expected to accelerate the development of AI solutions in various industries.

– The Robot Report – AMD Launches Kria K24 SOM and Starter Kit for Industrial and Commercial Applications.