The Android 14 operating system, which is currently being tested on Pixel devices, will include a new functionality that will allow you to use your mobile phone as a webcam. Although Google has not officially announced this feature, it has been discovered in the Android 14 QPR1 version.

This functionality is very interesting as it provides significant cost savings for those who do not wish to purchase a separate webcam. Even older mobile phone models can be used as a webcam, providing the opportunity to give these devices a new purpose.

It is expected that Android phone manufacturers will start incorporating this feature into the customization layers of their devices. This way, any Android 14 phone that meets the necessary requirements can be turned into a USB webcam, eliminating the need for an additional camera that takes up space.

Although there are still some doubts about this functionality, it is expected that each Android phone manufacturer will decide whether or not to include it in their version of the operating system. However, it is likely that Android 14 will offer even more new features for all devices, with the ability to use the mobile phone as a webcam being one of the most prominent.