Apple recently held its September event, unveiling its new product lineup which included four new iPhones. However, a notable omission from the announcement was the discontinuation of the iPhone 13 Mini, the smallest member of the iPhone family. Despite its high demand, the trend towards larger smartphones and the desire for bigger screens has led Apple to focus on larger models.

In comparison to the iPhone 13 Mini, Apple still sells the mid-range iPhone SE. While the SE has a slightly smaller screen than the Mini, it also offers slightly lower specifications. Despite its small size, the Mini featured flagship-class internal components, targeting consumers who preferred compact phones.

However, the market for small-sized phones has diminished over time as consumers lean towards larger screens for activities such as streaming videos and playing games. Apple now has bigger ambitions, wanting to provide users with large screens to enjoy the benefits of their 48-megapixel cameras and store their files in the new higher-capacity iCloud+ tiers.

In other consumer tech news, Bose has launched three new headphones in its lineup: the QuietComfort headphones, starting at $349, the premium QuietComfort Ultra at $499, and QuietComfort Ultra earbuds priced at $299. These headphones offer advanced noise cancellation features, improved materials, and robust Bluetooth connectivity.

HP has also announced the release of a $5,000 foldable laptop called the Spectre Foldable 17-cs0097nr. It features a 17-inch screen that folds in half, with a detachable wireless keyboard to create a laptop-like experience. This foldable laptop market is still emerging, with Lenovo and Asus also releasing similar products.

Overall, Apple’s discontinuation of the iPhone 13 Mini reflects the shift towards larger smartphones with bigger screens. Despite the demand for compact phones, Apple has chosen to focus on providing larger screens and enhanced features to meet consumer preferences.

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