Apple has launched the final version of its new operating system, iOS 17. This new update offers a range of features and improvements for iPhone users. One of the standout features is the option to share contact information between two users by simply bringing their devices close together. Additionally, a new arrival notification function has been introduced, allowing users to notify their contacts when they have safely arrived at a destination.

The arrival notification function is activated through the Messages app and requires both users to have iOS 17 installed on their devices. To use it, a user must select a contact, tap on the “+” symbol, and choose the “Arrival Notification” option. They can then set a timer or enter an address. If the user fails to reach their destination or does not come close to it within the set time, they will receive a notification and a notice will be sent to the selected person, sharing relevant data such as location and battery status.

Another interesting feature of iOS 17 is the sleep mode, which turns the iPhone into a smart display while it is being charged. This allows the user to check basic information such as the calendar, photos, and widgets without having to unlock the device.

Furthermore, Apple has introduced the NameDrop feature, which simplifies the exchange of contact information between users. By bringing two iPhones close together, a connection is established, and the option to instantly exchange email addresses and phone numbers is offered.

These new features are compatible with iPhones that have iOS 17 installed. However, it is recommended to verify compatibility with other devices and contact Apple for more information on their usage.