Since last week, the news of the ban on the sale of iPhone 12 in France has been one of the most prominent topics. High levels of radiation have been detected in these devices, leading various countries, including Spain, to request the withdrawal of these phones. Although Apple initially denied this situation, it has now partially acknowledged the issue and announced that it will release an update to reduce these radiation levels.

According to Reuters, Apple is working on a software update that will decrease the radiation specifically in the tests required by the French authorities, which led to the halt of iPhone 12 sales in the country. Although the details of how Apple will reduce radiation with a simple software update without modifying the hardware of the devices are unknown, it is expected that this new version will also address any abnormal radiation results in other markets.

In addition to France, authorities in other European countries have also expressed concern about the results of these tests and have demanded a response from Apple. The company hopes to avoid the ban on the sale of its devices in these countries by offering a solution through the software update.

In its statement, Apple has attributed this controversy to the specific testing protocol used by the French regulators, highlighting that it is not a safety issue stemming from high radiation levels. In summary, Apple claims that it will resolve the problem with the update, suggesting that regulators may have misinterpreted the test results.

The update is expected to be available soon, as each passing day, Apple suffers economic and reputational damages due to this controversy.

– Reuters