Armin Robotics, a company specialized in automating machine workshops, has established a partnership with Visionerf to incorporate 3D vision cameras into their robotic solutions. The use of these cameras aims to solve the challenge of selecting components and streamline the provision of loose parts for machining.

The integration of 3D vision cameras allows Armin Robotics robots to scan parts on pallets or containers, build a 3D image of the container, locate the parts, and validate their selection potential safely and reliably. This technology eliminates the need for manual intervention, allowing for the random arrangement of parts on various surfaces.

CEO Thomas Janquart highlights the benefits of this technology, stating that it is increasingly being used in applications that require process stability. Operators no longer need to position parts with precision or develop complex positioning tools, resulting in significant time savings. This is especially advantageous for continuously operating robotic cells.

To ensure a user-friendly experience, all Visionerf camera models are plug-and-play with Armin Robotics’ universal software. The software controls the robotic cells and includes advanced features such as collision management. The complexity of vision programming is transparent to the user, and the software can handle all applications in the machine workshop, regardless of the robot brand or machine tool.

Armin Robotics’ software also incorporates management of multiple types of production, allowing for control of multiple components such as gripper changers, pneumatic and electric grippers, and 2D and 3D vision. The goal of the partnership with Visionerf is to further integrate these technologies, creating new possibilities for automation and operational efficiency.

The resulting innovative solution from this collaboration will be announced in the coming months, promising to revolutionize the integration of 3D vision cameras in robotic solutions.

Sources: Armin Robotics, Visionerf.