ASUS has released a more budget-friendly version of its ROG Ally console, providing the opportunity to purchase it at a lower price. Although this version is slightly less powerful than the original, it still has all the necessary features and characteristics for an excellent gaming experience.

The model features an AMD Ryzen Z1 processor, which helps reduce manufacturing costs and, consequently, its retail price. While it is currently sold out on ASUS’s official website, it can be found in limited quantities at stores like Best Buy. However, interested buyers will need to act quickly, especially if they are in Spain, as they will have to wait for a local supplier to sell it in the country.

The price of this version is $599, which is a $100 savings compared to the original. Although comprehensive testing has not yet been conducted, it is expected to perform similarly to the original model.

The console offers fast loading times, excellent cooling system, and long battery life. ASUS assures that it can be seamlessly used to run Windows and play favorite titles such as Forza Horizon and Minecraft.

Additionally, ASUS is including a 3-month Xbox Game Pass with the purchase of this more affordable version, allowing users to enjoy a wide selection of games.

In summary, ASUS has launched a more budget-friendly version of the ROG Ally console, offering similar features and functions as the original at a more affordable price. Interested buyers should keep an eye out for early reviews and impressions to determine if this version is worth it.

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