Badger Technologies, a division of Jabil, is partnering with Stop & Shop to expand the use of Marty the Robot in over 300 stores. Marty now conducts product checks to ensure better shelf availability, alerting store employees when products need to be restocked. In addition to identifying out-of-stock items, Marty can also detect improperly placed products and potential floor hazards.

The deployment of Badger Technologies’ robots in Stop & Shop stores began in January 2019, making it the first large-scale implementation of robotics in grocery stores.

The new version of Marty will have automatic shelf-scanning capabilities, allowing it to find and address product availability issues on the shelves, as well as verify pricing information. This will free up more time for store employees to interact with customers.

Marty is also playing a larger role outside the store, supporting Stop & Shop’s community initiatives. The robot has visited a child recovering from cancer as part of a fundraising campaign and will continue to contribute to hunger relief, honor the military, and raise awareness about breast cancer.

Marty’s enhanced features include computer vision technology, AI-powered business intelligence, and cloud-based analytics to improve the in-store experience for shoppers. Real-time inventory tracking enables faster restocking and price corrections. Marty’s sensors allow it to navigate the store aisles without causing inconvenience to shoppers.

Retailers are integrating robots like Marty to enhance shopping experiences across channels, address product and pricing discrepancies, and increase store profitability.

– Badger Technologies
– Stop & Shop Community Involvement