Larian Studios has revealed details about the most successful multiclass builds in Baldur’s Gate 3 and has also proposed other powerful and unknown combinations for players. The role-playing game has pleasantly surprised players and attracted a large number of gamers due to its incredible variety of possibilities.

According to the report from PlayStation Blog, the most popular multiclass build so far is the combination of Rogue and Ranger, closely followed by Barbarian Fighter. In third place are combinations like Barbarian-Paladin, Cleric-Paladin, Fighter-Paladin, and Warlock-Paladin. However, Larian Studios is not satisfied with just this and has proposed new interesting combinations.

One of the proposed combinations is Paladin and Warlock with Pact of the Blade. With this combination, the character can attack with the frequency of a Fighter, and their attacks are the stunning Divine Smite of the Paladin, which deals additional radiant damage and can occasionally cause massive critical hits. Another interesting combination is Rogue and Monk, which offers stealth and melee combat abilities.

Furthermore, combinations like Tempest Cleric and Storm Sorcerer, Druid and Barbarian, and Sorcerer and Warlock have been suggested. These combinations offer different abilities and play styles that can be very powerful in the game.

As for the future of the game, it is known that Larian Studios is working on the Xbox Series X|S version, and there has been speculation about the possibility of seeing a DLC. If you are a fan of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will surely be interested in checking out the available guides to discover useful items and features, as well as tips and shortcuts that you probably didn’t know about.

– PlayStation Blog
– Larian Studios

– Multiclass Builds: combinations of different character classes in a role-playing game.
– Rogue: a character class that specializes in stealth abilities and close-quarters combat.
– Ranger: a character class that is skilled in survival and exploring the game world.
– Barbarian: a physically strong character class that can enter a state of rage to increase their combat power.
– Fighter: a character class that focuses on melee combat and the use of heavy weapons and armor.
– Cleric: a character class that possesses magical abilities and specializes in the use of divine magic.
– Warlock: a character class that gains magical abilities from a pact with a powerful being.
– Druid: a character class that has a connection to nature and can use magic related to the natural environment.
– Sorcerer: a character class that has an innate source of magic and can cast spells without the need for study.
– Divine Smite: powerful attacks from a Paladin that cause additional radiant damage.