A dinosaur fossil named Barry the Camptosaurus will be auctioned in Paris on October 20th. This extraordinary piece represents a notable discovery in the world of dinosaur skeletons, as it has a history dating back 150 million years. The fossilized herbivore skeleton is composed of over 80 percent original bones, making it a truly valuable and rare specimen. Experts estimate that its auction price will range between $855,000 and $1.28 million.

Barry was first discovered in Wyoming in the 1990s and was subsequently restored in 2000 by paleontologist Barry James. The Italian laboratory Zoic conducted additional restoration work on the skeleton after acquiring it last year, ensuring that it met the required scientific standards.

This dinosaur species belongs to the Iguanodontidae family and is one of the earliest groups of dinosaurs to be discovered. The bones were found in the Morrison Formation of Wyoming, known for its abundant fossil deposits. It is interesting to note that ornithopod dinosaurs, like Barry, only represent around 14 percent of the specimens found in the area, making this discovery even more exceptional.

Although the sale of dinosaur bones has faced criticism from the scientific community, it has become an increasingly sought-after market. Just last year, six dinosaur skeletons were auctioned, reaching impressive sums. In 2020, a T-Rex skeleton named Stan was sold for the record-breaking amount of $31.8 million. Taking this into account, the estimated price of $1.3 million for Barry seems like a bargain.

If you’re interested in acquiring Barry or any other dinosaur skeleton, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on its origin. Ensuring the authenticity and legality of the specimen is essential to avoid purchasing a fraudulent or illegitimate fossil.

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