In this article, we will help you solve the challenges in Wordle in its different modes: normal, with accents, and scientific. Additionally, we will provide you with clues so that you can solve them on your own without having to resort to our solution.

In the normal Wordle challenge, you must find a hidden word in a maximum of six attempts. Each attempt must be a five-letter word that exists in the dictionary. The color of the letters will indicate if you guessed the letter and its position correctly (green), if the letter is inside the word but not in the correct position (yellow), or if the letter is not part of the solution (gray).

The clues for the normal challenge are: “Electronic valve with two electrodes that only allows current to flow in one direction. It has two D’s and three vowels.” The solution is “DIODE”.

In the challenge with accents, the solution word can have 4 to 7 letters, and it must contain an accented letter. The accented vowels are independent of the normal vowels.

The clues for the challenge with accents are: “Refuge, usually underground, to protect oneself from bombings. The U is accented.” The solution is “BUNKER”.

In the scientific Wordle challenge, you must find a word related to science. The solution word can have 3 to 8 letters.

The clues for the scientific challenge are: “Substance that, when introduced into an organism, leads to defense reactions, such as the formation of antibodies. It has four vowels. The I is accented.” The solution is “ANTIGEN”.

With this information, you now have the solution to the Wordle challenges in Spanish in their normal, accents, and scientific modes for September 19, 2023. Remember that you can find the solutions for September 20 tomorrow.

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