Counter-Strike 2, Valve’s new shooter, has made an impressive start. The game has managed to break nearly all records in terms of the number of players on the Steam platform. In fact, this new free-to-play installment has taken second place on Steam’s historic list in terms of simultaneous players.

Specifically, Counter-Strike 2 is the second game with the highest number of simultaneous users on Steam, reaching a peak of 1,818,773 players. If we look at the platform’s statistics, we’ll see that the only game with better figures is PUGB: Battlegrounds, with 3,257,248 simultaneous users.

Although the top spot is still far off for Valve’s shooter, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were reached in the coming days. After all, Counter-Strike 2 achieved its second place on a weekday. When Baldur’s Gate 3 was released, it also broke several records, and this happened during the week, but it managed to surpass them when the weekend arrived.

In summary, Counter-Strike 2 has managed to become the second most played game in Steam’s history, and it is expected to surpass PUGB’s record in the coming days. Undoubtedly, this new success demonstrates the popularity and lasting influence of the Counter-Strike franchise in the gaming industry.

– Steam statistics