Crystal Dynamics, the renowned development studio responsible for the latest Tomb Raider installments and the Perfect Dark reboot, has recently announced layoffs affecting employees from various departments. These layoffs are part of an internal restructuring process being carried out by the company, as part of changes within its parent company, Embracer Group.

In a statement released on September 20th, Crystal Dynamics revealed that ten employees have been let go: nine from the Brand/Marketing department and one from the Information Technology (IT) department. According to the statement, this decision was made to align the studio with current business needs. Crystal Dynamics assures that they are working directly with the affected employees to provide them with all the necessary support.

Embracer Group, Crystal Dynamics’ parent company, is currently undergoing a broader restructuring process. In June of this year, a significant restructuring was announced, leading to employee layoffs and project cancellations across various development studios. One notable example was the closure of Volition, the studio behind the successful Saints Row franchise, at the end of August.

Crystal Dynamics has reached out to other companies in the industry, requesting potential job openings in areas such as Brand Management, Creative Services, Community, or IT, to assist the dismissed employees in finding new job opportunities.

Sources: Crystal Dynamics / Embracer Group