Cyxtera, a global leader in data center colocation and digital infrastructure, has announced the opening of its new AI and Quantum Computing Center of Excellence in Reading, United Kingdom. This center is designed as a testing and activation lab for companies interested in exploring the integration of artificial intelligence and quantum computing in their environments.

Cyxtera’s Center of Excellence will offer workshops, training, and ideation sessions for companies to better understand data flow and the application of their projects, as well as to engage in AI and quantum computing training. Organizations will also be able to identify the best technology and software stack for their use case, as well as build and test models for evaluation.

Among the founding partners of the Center of Excellence are Fujitsu, Boston Limited, Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), SECQAI, Amulet Hotkey, and Asperitas. Fujitsu will deploy its AI testing lab within the Center of Excellence, providing direct access to its infrastructure, solutions, and consulting services needed to develop and validate AI theories and models. Boston Limited will showcase a variety of technologies, including its BUDDHA AI development framework, advanced GPU implementations, and high-performance storage and networking solutions.

Additionally, OQC and Cyxtera have collaborated on integrating a quantum computer into a colocated data center. By making quantum computing more accessible and addressing the challenges associated with the distance between classical applications and quantum computers, companies aim to drive innovation in this emerging field.

Cyxtera’s Center of Excellence is part of its broader strategy to offer flexible, cloud-like infrastructure solutions to meet the growing demand for hybrid and distributed IT environments. With its robust network and interconnection capabilities, Cyxtera can support high-density workloads and enable customers to build hybrid IT infrastructures to support AI and quantum computing applications.

– Business Wire.