In this clinical case, the DigitalArch 2.0 protocol was used to perform a simple and predictable implant treatment in a patient with a complete arch. The patient had a lack of fixed reference elements in the maxilla, which made it difficult to accurately superimpose the preoperative and postoperative intraoral scans in the laboratory design software.

The protocol used involved placing a same-day provisional fixed prosthesis with immediate loading, using only the intraoral scanner and DigitalArch protocols. This solution allowed for a perfect design, transferring the position of the maxilla in space, the preoperative occlusion, aesthetics, and the patient’s vertical dimension.

Collaboration with an expert laboratory in digital protocols and DigitalArch is crucial for the success of the treatment. We appreciate the professionalism, expertise, and case resolution provided by DFDigital laboratory in Madrid.

The DigitalArch 2.0 mini-implant and scanbody are specifically designed and patented elements for these types of treatments. The implant design is characterized by its special connection, which only allows for one position of the scanbody, its easy and fast placement, minimal invasiveness, and potential removability.

This protocol offers a simple and fast solution for implant treatment in patients with a complete arch, improving the efficiency of the dental laboratory and increasing the chances for treatment success.

– DFDigital laboratory in Madrid.