If you’ve ever wondered what happens inside your dishwasher while it’s running, you’re in luck. A TikTok user, @Povsadventures, decided to attach a sports camera inside his appliance and share the video on the social media platform. The purpose was to find out what occurs inside during the washing process.

Equipped with a light to capture every detail, the TikToker loaded dirty dishes and a detergent tablet into the dishwasher. After closing the door, the dishwasher started running. Within seconds, the lower spray arm began forcefully expelling water to remove food residues stuck to the dishes. Almost magically, all the stains disappeared.

Once the initial washing phase was completed, different spray arms started expelling water in various directions to ensure all the dishes, utensils, and glasses inside the dishwasher were reached. This interesting video has generated significant interest on TikTok and has already garnered over six million views.

If you want to achieve the best results when using your dishwasher, here are some tips for proper organization. Reserve the bottom part for plates, making sure they are not too close together. It is important to have enough space for the water to reach every corner.

Pans and pots should be placed upside down, also in the bottom rack of the dishwasher. Although it may be tempting to fill the dishwasher to the maximum, avoid overloading it so that the spray arms can rotate freely.

On the other hand, cups and glasses should be placed in the top rack, slightly tilted to allow proper water coverage. As for utensils, use the designated cutlery basket. Place the handles downward and, if possible, alternate forks, spoons, and knives to allow water circulation between them.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make the most out of your dishwasher and achieve impeccable results with every wash.

– Cover image source: source1
– TikTok: @Povsadventures

– TikTok: a popular social media platform for sharing short videos.
– TikToker: a person who uses TikTok to create and share content.