The highly anticipated JRPG game from Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, is still a few months away from its release, but several details about the game have already been revealed. Naoki Hamaguchi, the game’s director, along with Yoshinori Kitase, the producer, and Tetsuya Nomura, the creative director, have shared interesting information in an interview with GameInformer.

One of the most surprising revelations is the size of the file on the PS5. The game is expected to take up to 150 GB on the hard drive, justifying its release on two discs. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the game’s story will extend all the way to the end of the Forgotten City, which marks the end of the content on the first disc in the original 1997 version.

As for the new features, the classic mini-games have been expanded. For example, it has been mentioned that Cloud will be able to gather soldiers and organize them for a parade in front of Rufus in Junon. However, it has also been noted that players will have to wait to control Vincent Valentine, as he will join the group but will not be playable in combat until the third part of the game.

It is important to highlight that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will present the storyline events differently from how they occurred in the original game, opening up possibilities for speculation and surprise. Additionally, the group will start from scratch with their statistics, as parameters or abilities from previous titles will not be transferred.

Finally, it has been mentioned that some materials will be transferred to the inventory if a save file from previous games is available. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be exclusively available for the PS5 starting from February 29, 2024.

– GameInformer
– VidaExtra