Ganymed Robotics, a computer vision software and robotic technology developer for orthopedic surgeons, has appointed five senior executives to lead strategic and operational developments. The new Executive Committee, consisting of eight members, includes experts with experience in launching innovative medical devices and scaling medical companies.

The new leadership team is comprised of Sophie Cahen as CEO and co-founder, Silvère Lucquin as Chief Operating Officer, and Michel Vernizeau as Vice President of R&D. The five new team members are Lukas Vancura as Vice President of Product Marketing, Clémentine Liard as Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, Sandra Demol as Director of Human Resources, Julien Puaux as Vice President of Finance, and Juliette Loget as General Legal Advisor.

Ganymed Robotics aims to democratize access to quality care in hard tissue surgery by standardizing complex surgical procedures and providing personalized attention. Its first application is a co-manipulated surgical robotic assistant for total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The technological platform is based on two disruptive innovations: contactless bone localization and collaborative movement between humans and machines.

Over the past 18 months, Ganymed Robotics has achieved significant milestones, such as completing a €36 million Series B financing round, expanding its team, securing strategic partnerships, advancing regulatory and marketing developments, and winning national and international innovation awards.

The addition of senior executives to the leadership team positions Ganymed Robotics to successfully carry out its strategic, industrial, and operational development plan. The company is dedicated to revolutionizing orthopedic surgery and improving outcomes for patients.

– Ganymed Robotics Press Release
– Business Wire