Garmin has unveiled its new touch-screen smartwatch model, the tactix 7 AMOLED Edition. This watch features an adaptive AMOLED touch screen that is easy to read, a night vision-compatible flashlight, and a battery life of up to 31 days. It is designed for adventurers, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

The tactix 7 AMOLED Edition stands out for its 1.4-inch adaptive AMOLED display. This touch screen offers suitable brightness for reading even in environments with bright sunlight, without losing any details.

The watch also incorporates an improved flashlight that is compatible with night vision. Emitting adjustable green light, this flashlight preserves night vision and provides illumination in the area.

Furthermore, the AMOLED Edition model includes improvements in the heart rate sensor. Its optical sensor with specific algorithms allows for better performance tracking in a variety of activities, providing more accurate data to understand the body’s response to different environments and physical challenges.

The tactix 7 AMOLED Edition has additional features such as the night mode, which preserves night vision by using black and red colors on the screen, avoiding emitting light colors that affect the pupils and reducing disruptions to the sleep cycle.

This smartwatch is made with materials that are resistant to impacts, extreme thermal conditions, and water, meeting military standards. It has a rugged aesthetic with a touch screen and side buttons. It also includes a variety of health and wellness functions, as well as tools for physical activities and aviation-related tools such as direct navigation and access to weather information.

The tactix 7 AMOLED Edition is now available at a suggested retail price of 1,399.99 euros.


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