Gmail, Google’s popular email tool, will no longer offer its basic HTML view starting in January 2024. While this less attractive view has been available for many years, it will be removed due to the improvement of internet connections and the more modern and functional design of the current web version.

The basic HTML view was especially useful for users with limited connections, as it offered a faster and simpler loading experience. However, with the advancement of technology and faster connections, most users have opted to use the full and more visual version of Gmail.

Although this decision will affect a minority of users who still rely on slow connections or old devices, Google believes that it is time to do away with this option and instead focus on offering a more comprehensive experience in terms of design and functionality.

It is important to note that this elimination will also affect visually impaired individuals who used specific tools to access and read their emails in the basic HTML view. Now, these users will have to utilize the accessibility tools provided by Google.

In summary, Gmail will eliminate its basic HTML view in 2024, offering only its full and more visual web version. This decision will benefit the majority of users who enjoy fast connections and modern devices, although it will impact those with connection limitations and visually impaired individuals.