Google has confirmed that it is indexing conversations held between users and its chatbot called Bard on its search engine. While the company is attempting to prevent this indexing, it has been discovered that these conversations are appearing in Google search results.

Bard is a conversational tool that is currently in an experimental phase and is available in select countries and regions around the world. Users can test its functionality and provide feedback to improve the tool.

Google collects the conversations and activity related to user interaction with Bard. These conversations also go through human reviewers to enhance the product. However, Google assures that it protects the privacy of participants and advises against sharing confidential information.

SEO consultant Gagan Ghotra raised awareness on Twitter about the conversations being indexed on Google Search. In response, Google has acknowledged the situation and stated that they are working to address it. They have also reminded users that they have the choice to share or not share their conversations with Bard.

Google emphasizes that it does not intend for these conversations to be indexed in Google Search and is taking measures to prevent it. This unintended indexing puts users’ privacy at risk, making it crucial for Google to swiftly and efficiently resolve this issue.

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