Google has announced that it will no longer provide support for Jamboard, its collaborative smart whiteboard application. The company has decided to consolidate its most popular products and work with external partners to integrate FigJam, Lucidspark, and Miro instead.

Jamboard is an electronic whiteboard application designed for real-time collaborative work. Initially popular in enterprise and educational settings, it will now permanently lose support. Starting from October 1, 2024, Jamboard servers will no longer be operational, and by December 21 of that same year, the application will no longer be available.

Licenses for Jamboard devices will expire on September 30, and after that date, users will no longer receive updates or have access to customer support. In the unlicensed mode, users will not be able to open or save documents from the board. All Jamboard resources will be moved to Google Workspace and the online office suite.

It is important to note that Google will provide a tool for users to migrate their information and not lose valuable files. Although it will still be possible to use Jamboard offline after the expiration date, data will not be stored, and some functionalities will be restricted.

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– Jamboard: Google’s collaborative smart whiteboard application.
– FigJam, Lucidspark, and Miro: Online collaboration platforms used as alternatives to Jamboard.