Exactly one year ago, Rockstar Games experienced one of the biggest leaks in recent times, when more than 90 GTA 6 videos were revealed to the public. These materials were illegally obtained by a 17-year-old hacker. What’s surprising about this story is the work carried out by the gaming community. Several users on the game’s subreddit have created a 60-page document, analyzing in detail each of the leaked data.

The document, which can be found at this link (collected by ResetEra users), avoids infringing Take-Two’s rights by using fan illustrations that represent the elements seen in the leaked data. This analysis is in English, so basic knowledge of the language is necessary to understand it.

On the other hand, MeriStation highlighted the most notable and obvious data from this leak. Among them are the identity of the protagonists, the city in which the game will take place, some songs on the radio, the return of heists, and their relevance in the gameplay system, among other aspects. Despite this, Rockstar Games has not shared any official information about the game.

Recently, Grand Theft Auto 5 celebrated its 10th anniversary in the market and has gone through three generations, in addition to having hundreds of dedicated content for its online mode, GTA Online.

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