According to a recent leak, it has been suggested that GTA VI could unveil its first trailer in the month of October. The silence from Rockstar regarding this highly anticipated game has started to frustrate a large portion of the community, who have been waiting for updates for over ten years since the release of its predecessor.

So far, the company has not revealed much information, but it is known that the game will be released during Take-Two’s next fiscal year, which will be between April 1, 2024, and March 31, 2025. However, the latest rumors suggest that the size of the game’s map will soon be revealed through its first official trailer.

The possible leak comes from Twitter user Chris Marxx, who has been known to provide accurate details about other titles in the past. According to this leak, Rockstar will release the first trailer for GTA VI on October 26, which means we are less than a month away from witnessing the outcome of this highly anticipated game that promises to break all records in the gaming industry.

This date aligns with the information provided by another insider associated with Rockstar, Tez2, who claimed that the first trailer for GTA VI would be released before the end of the year and would be held through a GTA Online event.

Furthermore, it has been reported that GTA VI will feature an online mode similar to Fortnite, according to insider Tom Henderson. This implies that the game’s online mode will evolve over time, just like Fortnite seasons, and it is also revealed that the map will be one of the standout and differentiating aspects of this new installment.

In conclusion, GTA fans should be on the lookout for the possible release of GTA VI’s first trailer in October and will be eager to see what kind of content will be revealed in this highly anticipated preview.

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– Author Name: Chris Marxx
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