In the upcoming release of EA Sports FC 24, the game’s founders will have the advantage of claiming a free Evolution if they log in before November 1st. This news has been revealed through leaks and official announcements, which have provided us with detailed information about the game and its features.

Twitter user UTSources has discovered a dedicated tab for “Founder Status” on the official EA Sports FC 24 website. This section outlines all the advantages that come with being considered a game founder, such as a badge, exclusive equipment, and objectives. However, the most standout and talked-about reward has been the possibility of obtaining a free Evolution.

An Evolution is a consumable that can be applied to any player who meets certain requirements, allowing them to transform into a special rarity card. With this card, players will be able to complete missions and improve their abilities. Although there are still unanswered questions, such as whether the free Evolutions will be the same as the paid ones or if they will appear in packs, this mechanic promises to have a significant impact on the Ultimate Team game mode.

To become a founder and obtain this advantage, simply log in to the game before November 1st. This news has generated great excitement among users, who are hoping to make the most of this opportunity to enhance their team right from the start of the game.

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