It is common to see cybercriminals using fake applications to steal data or passwords. In this case, they have found a new form of attack: using YouTube to hack mobile devices. Hackers create fake programs that simulate being official ones through clones of YouTube applications.

These fake applications, detected by security researchers, can compromise the privacy of victims by allowing attackers to collect data, record audio and video, and access any information on the device. Furthermore, they have the ability to send SMS, make calls, take screenshots, and control the camera and microphone, all without the victim noticing.

The problem is that these fake applications are very similar to the original version of YouTube, which leads many people to install the application without suspecting it is a scam. Fortunately, these fraudulent applications are outside of Google Play, which makes it less likely for us to fall into the trap. However, cybercriminals can use strategies to lead users to links where they can download the APK files for these applications.

To avoid being scammed and protect your security on YouTube, it is important to follow some recommendations. First, always install the YouTube application from official sources, such as the official website or Google Play. Never download applications from unsafe sources. Additionally, having an updated antivirus can help you detect malicious software and protect your devices.

Keeping your devices up to date is also key to avoiding being hacked. Always update to the latest available versions, as this will allow you to fix vulnerabilities and increase the security of your devices.

In summary, the best way to protect your security on YouTube and avoid being hacked is to only install software from official sources, keep your devices updated, and have a reliable antivirus. Do not fall into the trap of fake applications and keep your personal information and privacy safe online.

– Security researchers.
– Google Play.