The release of iOS 17 as a final and stable version brings several new features, one of the most eye-catching being contact posters. These posters allow us to create a full-screen profile card, which we can showcase during calls with our contacts’ devices.

To set up your contact poster in iOS 17, follow these steps:

1. Open the Contacts app on your iPhone.
2. If you see a panel describing the new feature, tap on “Continue”.
3. If the panel does not appear, go to the top of the contacts list and tap on your name.
4. You will now see your contact card with your profile picture in the upper half of the screen. Tap on “Poster & Contact Photo”.
5. Tap on “Continue” on the welcome screen. You will see an editing panel where you can customize your poster.
6. You can set a background for your poster using a photo, your Memoji, or a simple monogram with your initials on a gradient background.
7. You can also change how your name appears, add a nickname, or position it above or below the chosen image.
8. Additionally, you can change the background color to one you prefer.
9. Finally, you will see a preview of how your poster and profile picture will look like for your contacts.
10. Choose whether you want this contact poster to appear only on your contacts’ devices or if you want it to ask you based on the occasion.

With the iOS 17 update, these contact posters will be implemented in all our calls as users update their iPhones. What now seems like a novelty is likely to become a daily occurrence among Apple phone users in a few months.

– Applesfera
– Applesfera