The offer of Disney+ for three months is about to end and you still have time to take advantage of it. With this proposal, Disney+ hopes to win over the audience just in time for Halloween. The offer will be available until tomorrow at 15:00 hours in mainland Spain and at 14:00 hours in the Canary Islands.

With this offer, you can enjoy the entire Disney+ catalog for 1.99 euros for the next three months, making it the cheapest streaming platform on the market.

One of the new releases you can find on Disney+ is the movie “Nadie te salvará” (No One Will Save You), available from September 22nd. In this film, a young woman lives in a secluded house in the countryside and enjoys the tranquility of the rural environment. However, one day her house is invaded by an extraterrestrial and she will be forced to defend her home. The protagonist will be alone, as her neighbors have fallen under the influence of these alien visitors. Despite facing a powerful enemy, the brave protagonist will fight to protect what she considers hers.

“Nadie te salvará” is an oppressive movie that will give you goosebumps. If you are a fan of horror movies, enjoy the home invasion genre, or like movies about aliens invading Earth, this movie might be perfect for you. Plus, with the available Disney+ offer, it’s a great time to enjoy the platform and its new releases for just 1.99 euros per month.

Don’t miss this opportunity and access the Disney+ trial to watch “Nadie te salvará” before the offer ends!

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