The new macOS Sonoma operating system for Mac comes with various features, one of which is the addition of widgets on the screen. However, another standout feature is the redesigned lock screen, which now displays a small video as the background, providing a more calming experience for the user.

Additionally, the profile picture is now smaller and located at the bottom instead of the center. Some users have expressed discomfort as they find it slightly harder to reach. However, the majority of Macs have fingerprint readers, so identification through this method is sufficient.

If you want to customize your lock screen in macOS Sonoma, you can easily do so by accessing “System Preferences” and selecting the “Lock Screen” option. From there, you can choose whether to enable a screensaver and set the idle time for the password to be required again to access the computer.

In terms of visual appearance, there is an option to show or hide the large clock and profile picture on the lock screen. By default, this option is enabled, but you can disable it if you prefer a more minimalist screen.

Personally, I like the option of having a video of a natural landscape as the lock screen background. I believe it’s a way to enjoy an image without it being covered by clocks, photos, and passwords. However, each user can configure it according to their preferences.

Thanks to macOS Sonoma, we can further customize our user experience. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll be able to add widgets to the lock screen itself. This would be quite useful and doesn’t seem far-fetched.

– Applesfera: (source URL)

– MacBook: a line of laptops developed and sold by Apple Inc.
– macOS Sonoma: the latest operating system from Apple for Mac computers.
– Widgets: interactive applications or visual elements that provide quick information or functionality on the device’s main screen.