Since yesterday, Windows 11 users have the opportunity to access the most ambitious update in Microsoft’s recent history. The company announced in their blog that this new patch, which includes the integration of Copilot, an AI-based assistant, is one of the most powerful they have released.

Microsoft Copilot has been available since September 26th and allows users to take advantage of artificial intelligence in tools like Microsoft 365, Outlook, Edge, and Bing. It is presented as the “everyday AI companion” and offers functions such as extracting data from calendars, mailboxes, documents, and other files, the ability to write texts and emails, and the possibility of providing real-time suggestions to enhance the user experience.

To access Microsoft Copilot, there are three different methods: from the desktop, with the right-click of the mouse, or through the Windows + C key combination. This tool also has features for popular Microsoft programs like Photos and Paint.

Furthermore, Windows 11 users can control certain parts of the desktop with voice and text commands. The presentation video shows how users can organize windows, switch to dark mode, start playlists, remove backgrounds from photos, and generate entire paragraphs of text.

With the integration of Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft takes a new step in integrating artificial intelligence into its operating system, providing Windows 11 users with a very ambitious tool.

Source: Help Notes.