In the ongoing case between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Microsoft regarding the acquisition of Activision, a series of internal emails have emerged revealing secrets of the industry’s major players. In one of these emails, dated August 2020, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox division at Microsoft, expressed his desire to acquire Nintendo, although it ultimately did not materialize.

In the leaked email, Spencer mentioned Nintendo as a key player in the video game industry and stated that games are the most direct path to gaining relevance among consumers. He believed that if any American company had an opportunity with Nintendo, Microsoft would be in a privileged position to do so.

However, there was an obstacle to carrying out this acquisition: Nintendo was in an excellent financial situation, with a significant amount of money and a board of directors that had not pressured for further market growth or share appreciation. Therefore, a potential acquisition could be seen as a hostile move, jeopardizing Microsoft’s long-term strategy.

In addition to Nintendo, Microsoft also had plans to acquire other companies such as Valve, Warner Bros. Interactive, and even TikTok. These negotiations had different outcomes but demonstrate the company’s interest in expanding its presence in the digital entertainment industry.

In summary, the leaked emails reveal that Microsoft seriously considered the possibility of acquiring Nintendo, but the economic conditions of the Japanese company and the risk of a hostile reaction prevented the acquisition from taking place. However, this highlights Microsoft’s interest in strengthening its position in the video game and digital entertainment sector.

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