Microsoft has announced an update to Paint that will transform it into an image editor with features similar to Photoshop. This new version, available for Windows Insider users, will include support for layers and transparency, two highly requested features by the community.

The Paint update will allow users to add, remove, and manage multiple elements in an image using layers. Users will be able to duplicate, merge, or hide layers, just like in Photoshop. This update will also include support for transparency, allowing users to open and edit PNG files with a transparent background. Additionally, Paint will feature a tool that automatically removes the background of an image and saves it with transparency.

This update is a significant step for Microsoft Paint, which is one of the oldest applications in Windows but has lost relevance compared to more robust software like Adobe Photoshop. Although the changes may seem minor, they are very significant for users still using the old version of Paint.

The story of Paint is an example of resilience, as despite the lack of features and few updates, the application has withstood the test of time. At one point, Microsoft planned to replace Paint with Paint 3D, but the community opposed it and prevented its disappearance. Microsoft decided to separate Paint from the operating system and offer it as a standalone application, allowing it to receive more frequent updates.

With this update, Paint is preparing to become a more comprehensive image editor. In addition to support for layers and transparency, the application will also integrate artificial intelligence functions to generate images based on text instructions.

– Windows Blog