Recent reports reveal that Microsoft has shown interest in acquiring Nintendo. According to documents leaked by the FTC, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has expressed his desire to acquire the Japanese company, believing it would be a significant move for both companies.

Although the messages date back to 2020, it remains a goal for Microsoft. Phil Spencer stated that “the acquisition of Nintendo would be a milestone in our career.” However, with the obstacles the company has faced in completing the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, acquiring Nintendo seems to be complicated.

In addition to Nintendo, Microsoft has also reportedly tried to acquire other companies such as SEGA and Warner Bros. Games. Microsoft’s strategy in recent years has been to acquire studios to add them to their Xbox portfolio and compete with PlayStation and Nintendo in the gaming industry.

The future of Xbox looks promising according to the leaks, which also reveal Bethesda’s release plans for the upcoming years. Although they have not succeeded in their acquisition attempts so far, Microsoft continues to show interest in expanding its presence in the gaming industry.

Sources: FTC, Shinobi602 Twitter.

– FTC: Federal Trade Commission of the United States
– Xbox: Video game console developed by Microsoft
– Nintendo: Japanese video game and console company
– Activision Blizzard: Video game and entertainment company
– SEGA: Japanese video game company
– Warner Bros. Games: Video game division of Warner Bros. Entertainment