Nanofiber Quantum Technologies, a startup based in Palo Alto, CA, has successfully secured $8.5 million in funding. The funding round was backed by Phoenix Venture Partners, JAFCO Group Co Ltd, SPARX Group Co Ltd, Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc. (KII), and Waseda University Ventures.

This funding will be used by Nanofiber Quantum Technologies to enhance their research and development efforts, recruit talent from the United States and Japan, and forge collaborations with both academic institutions and private companies.

Led by CEO Dr. Masashi Hirose and CTO Dr. Akihisa Goban, the company specializes in the development of quantum processing units (QPUs) that utilize neutral atoms and photons as qubits. These QPUs have the capability to process and store quantum information while communicating with other QPUs.

Nanofiber Quantum Technologies has developed a unique and proprietary technology called nanofiber cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) system. This technology enables the creation of connected QPUs, functioning as quantum repeaters and distributed computing units.

The foundation of this technology dates back to a decade-long research conducted by Professor Takao Aoki at Waseda University in Japan. Professor Aoki is a recognized expert in the field of quantum computing and one of the co-founders of NanoQT.

Currently, NanoQT operates in both Tokyo, Japan, and California, United States. With the new funding, they will be able to accelerate their research and development efforts and expand their operations. By bringing together talent from various countries and establishing collaborations, Nanofiber Quantum Technologies aims to stay at the forefront of advancements in quantum computing.

– FinSMEs