In recent weeks, several leaks related to the highly anticipated game ‘GTA 6’ from Rockstar Games have surfaced. This time, clips posted on Twitter revealed approximately 49 seconds of gameplay from the upcoming installment.

In the leaked video, it was observed that ‘GTA 6’ will feature two main protagonists named Jason and Lucía. Players will be able to switch between them using a mechanic similar to ‘GTA V’, but in a more seamless manner. This feature was already showcased in the franchise’s iconic previous game.

Furthermore, an improvement in the graphics compared to previous leaks is highlighted. Unlike last year’s viral clips, this gameplay footage displays a more impressive visual quality. The switch between the two protagonists will be indicated by an icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Although not officially confirmed, there is speculation about the actors who could portray these characters. It is rumored that Alexandra Echavarri might lend her voice to Lucía, while Bryan Zampella could be the voice of Jason. These actors have recently appeared in videos related to the world of ‘GTA’.

Additionally, an alleged audio recording of Take-Two Interactive CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has emerged mentioning that the official announcement of ‘GTA 6’ will take place on October 23. However, the authenticity of this information has yet to be confirmed.

As the release date approaches, rumors about ‘GTA 6’ continue to escalate, and it seems increasingly likely that the game will be set in the city of Miami, following the footsteps of the successful ‘GTA: Vice City’.

– gta6news_leaks (Twitter)
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