OnSight Technology, a company specializing in robotics and computer vision for the solar photovoltaic industry, has successfully completed its initial funding round. This injection of funds will allow OnSight to enhance its computer vision and autonomous driving initiatives, as well as further develop its artificial intelligence algorithms.

The round was led by Moneta Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm with strategic investment and board membership in Stäubli, a global leader in solar connections, robotics, and industrial automation. The Growth Factory, a Sacramento-based prior investor, also participated in the funding round.

With the support of these investors, OnSight Technology plans to strengthen its research and development capabilities, attract top talent, and establish strategic partnerships to enhance its artificial intelligence algorithms. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, OnSight aims to unlock the true potential of artificial intelligence to optimize and streamline solar operations.

Moneta Ventures recognizes the vast potential of OnSight Technology’s advanced solutions for the utility-scale solar market. The firm aims to guide OnSight Technology towards sustainable growth and leadership in the industry, leveraging its network and resources.

Stäubli’s strategic investment further strengthens the partnership between the two companies. As a global leader in solar connections and industrial automation, Stäubli’s expertise and knowledge will contribute to OnSight Technology’s success in creating a safer future for the photovoltaic industry.

The ongoing investments from The Growth Factory in OnSight Technology demonstrate their commitment to fostering innovation and driving economic growth in the Sacramento region. Through their support, The Growth Factory shows confidence in the company’s vision and potential.

With this successful funding round, OnSight Technology is well-positioned to revolutionize the landscape of robotics and computer vision in the solar industry. By combining artificial intelligence with their advanced solutions, the company aims to reduce commissioning and maintenance costs, improve accuracy, and enhance asset performance in the utility-scale solar market.

About OnSight Technology:
OnSight Technology is a leading robotics and computer vision company specialized in developing advanced solutions for the utility-scale and commercial solar industry. Through the use of cutting-edge technology and deep industry knowledge, OnSight Technology seeks to transform traditional processes and drive efficiency, productivity, and safety.

– OnSight Technology.