The recent release of Apple’s iPhone 15 has generated a lot of excitement among users, especially due to the introduction of the Type-C charging port on their mobile phones. However, this new feature has sparked controversy as it appears that the design of the iPhone 15’s charging port is causing overheating problems.

Previously, the European Union had pressured Apple to adopt the Type-C charging port with the aim of allowing users to use a universal charger for all their devices, regardless of the brand. However, although Apple has complied with this demand, the company continues to generate significant revenue from the sale of their Lightning chargers.

The problem lies in the fact that the Type-C charging port of the iPhone 15 has a lower charging power compared to other lower-priced Android phones. Additionally, Apple has designed this charging port in a way that recommends the exclusive use of their official chargers to protect the smartphone. It has been reported that using unauthorized charging cables can cause overheating in the iPhone 15.

An Apple analyst has mentioned that the overheating issue is not related to the cable or the processor, but rather a problem in the thermal system design, which could possibly be resolved through an update. However, although Apple has not issued an official statement regarding this matter, several users have reported overheating problems across all versions of the iPhone 15.

It is important to mention that according to some theories, the overheating issue could be related to the Instagram application, although this has not been confirmed yet. In any case, it seems evident that Apple is seeking to promote the sale of their official chargers, despite offering inferior capabilities and at a higher price than other options available in the market.

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