The Perimeter Institute, the world’s largest research center in theoretical physics, has formed a new partnership with quantum software startup Haiqu. The collaboration aims to bring together fundamental research and technological innovation in the field of quantum computing.

As part of the partnership, Haiqu will make its first hire in Canada, Dmitri Iouchtchenko, at the Perimeter Institute’s Quantum Intelligence Laboratory (PIQuIL). With a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo, Iouchtchenko brings expertise in novel applications and workflow enhancements for short-term quantum computing. His presence at PIQuIL represents the growing convergence between curiosity-driven research and commercial applications.

Roger Melko, founder and director of PIQuIL, expressed excitement about having Iouchtchenko on the team, stating that this is indicative of the direction quantum research is heading. Melko believes that the collaboration will create a win-win situation, with Haiqu gaining access to cutting-edge ideas in quantum computing and artificial intelligence, while the Perimeter Institute benefits from the expertise of a prominent innovator in quantum software.

Haiqu, which recently raised $4 million in pre-seed venture capital, focuses on developing platform-independent technologies to enhance and expand the capabilities of existing quantum hardware. The company aims to overcome current adoption bottlenecks and enable a broader range of practical use cases in areas such as finance, biological sciences, and mobility.

This partnership with the Perimeter Institute provides Haiqu with a strategic advantage, positioning them in the heart of the Quantum Valley in Waterloo. This ecosystem of researchers and innovators pushes the boundaries of quantum computing, making it an ideal place for collaboration and talent acquisition.

Richard Givhan, co-founder of Haiqu, highlighted the competitive nature of the quantum computing sector and the talent shortage in the industry. He praised the Perimeter Institute as a global leader in quantum research and expressed confidence that the partnership will lead to new ideas that fundamentally change problem-solving approaches.

This collaboration between the Perimeter Institute and Haiqu highlights the growing convergence between research and innovation in the quantum computing industry. It exemplifies the need for academia and startups to work together to accelerate the development and adoption of quantum technologies.

– Perimeter Institute
– Haiqu