The SuperManager ACB, the virtual basketball competition that offers excitement and prizes to participants, will begin next Saturday. Here are some of the Private Leagues that will take place during the upcoming 23/24 season and will have prizes for the top-ranked teams at the end of the tournament.

One of the standout leagues is the Gigantes del Basket Private League, where a maximum of 2 teams can register. The first-place team will receive a Swatch watch, a Campus Gigantes t-shirt, a full annual digital subscription, which includes the magazine and the new Gigantes del Basket archive. The second-place team will receive a coaching board signed by Jorge Garbajosa, a Campus Gigantes t-shirt, and the full annual subscription. The third-place team will receive a Joma backpack, a Campus Gigantes t-shirt, a Gigantes Super Heroes t-shirt, and the full annual subscription.

In addition to the Gigantes del Basket League, there are other leagues that also offer prizes to participants. For example, in the Luisheel League, the final winner will receive an Apple Watch, and the teams in second and third positions will also receive official merchandise. In the Madbasket League, the winner will be able to choose an item of their choice from the Madbasket store as a prize. In the Faustino S├íez League, 3 copies of Pablo Laso’s book will be raffled among the participants. On the other hand, in the Colgados del Aro League, the Eurohoops League, the Sportando League, the Tirando a Fallar League, the Radio Marca League, the Radioestadio (Onda Cero) League, the Play Basket SER League, and the Cope Showtime League, the winner will receive an official Liga Endesa 2023-24 team shirt of their choice, while the teams classified from second to fifth place will receive exclusive SuperManager ACB merchandise.

If you want to participate in any of these private leagues and have the opportunity to win prizes, do not hesitate to join before the registration deadline for each league ends. Show off your basketball knowledge and enjoy the excitement of the SuperManager ACB!

– Gigantes del Basket
– Luisheel