The Gorge Technology Alliance (GTA) and the Columbia Gorge STEM Hub have joined forces to promote equitable access to quality STEM experiences for students in the region. In their latest collaboration, the organizations are sponsoring competitive robotics by providing much-needed grant funds to robotics teams in Oregon and Washington.

Many robotics programs in the Gorge are led by dedicated parents, community members, and educators who generously offer their time and often cover team competition expenses. To provide additional support, GTA and STEM Hub invite coaches to apply for mini grants to help cover team-related expenses.

These expenses may include registration fees, material costs, and team travel. By offering these grants, the organizations aim to alleviate some of the financial burden and ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in competitive robotics.

Coaches can submit applications for mini grants on an ongoing basis, as long as funds are available. The applications will be carefully reviewed by STEM Hub’s grant committee, which will consider the impact the grant would have on the team and its ability to participate in robotics competitions.

The grant funds were generously donated by GTA members and specifically designated for robotics programs. This valuable financial support will enable more teams to participate in competitions and provide students with hands-on learning experiences in robotics and STEM fields.

The collaboration between GTA and STEM Hub highlights the commitment to foster STEM education and ensure that it is accessible to all students in the Columbia Gorge region. By providing financial assistance, the organizations hope to inspire and engage more students in the exciting world of robotics.

– Gorge Technology Alliance (GTA)
– Columbia Gorge STEM Hub.