Quantum Graphics, a commercial printing company located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is ready to enhance its automation and speed capabilities in the market with the acquisition of its fourth Komori press. The company has chosen an eight-color Komori Lithrone G40 press with advanced perfecting (GL840P advance) and LED-UV technology, along with an MBO T800.1 buckle folder.

Quantum Graphics, which has experienced significant growth in recent years, serves renowned brands that demand top quality, consistent colors, and fast delivery times. The GL840P advance press, known for its high-speed production capacity, combined with the automated functions of the MBO T800.1 folder, will provide the additional capacity needed to meet the company’s aggressive demand prospects.

Quantum Graphics’ President and CEO, Guy Peterson, explains that the decision to invest in the eight-color perfecting press was based on the desire to expand capabilities and increase capacity beyond their current offerings. The company is confident that this press configuration is suitable for the wide range of projects they undertake for their clients. The GL840P advance press will enable Quantum Graphics to introduce new embellishment and coating effects inline, adding more value to customer projects. The company expects this press to double its performance, making the inclusion of the automated functions of the T800.1 folder essential.

The GL840P advance press was also chosen for its ability to reduce paper waste. The automation tools within the press accelerate job changes and setup, significantly reducing the amount of paper required and cutting production time in half. This will not only increase speed in the market but also reduce setup waste, resulting in cost and resource savings. The installation of the new press is scheduled for November, while the MBO T800.1 buckle folder is already in use, providing automation benefits and speeding up job setup, especially for double folds.

The user-friendliness offered by both the GL840P advance press and the T800.1 folder was another crucial factor in Quantum Graphics’ investment decision. With a focus on promoting press operators from within the company, the easy-to-learn controls of both machines will facilitate faster training for new operators. Additionally, the LED-UV capability of the press ensures that print projects are delivered fully cured, enhancing efficiency. The seamless integration of the GL840P advance press and the T800.1 folder will provide Quantum Graphics with a complete printing production system, offering time and cost advantages.

Lance Martin, Vice President of Marketing at Komori America and MBO America, emphasizes the company’s mission to be a reliable provider of solutions, supporting customers in improving productivity. Martin expresses his enthusiasm for Quantum Graphics’ expanded capabilities and the resulting cost-saving solutions from the efficiency of the GL840P advance press and the T800.1 folder when combined as a powerful system.

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